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The Coelacanth (pronounced si-le-kanth) is a rare fish species thought to be extinct since the Cretaceous period until a specimen was discovered in the 1938. It is thought to be a transitional evolutionary link from fish to tetrapod because of the presence of its leg-like structures. Only a dozen or so Coelacanth have ever been seen. They have no commercial value apart from being coveted by museums and private collectors.

Josh Miker's Coelacanth Search

In his Coelacanth Journal, Josh Minker documents the steps he has taken to (unsuccessfully) locate a live Coelacanth.

As a Meme

"Getting the Coelacanth" is a term used similar to "getting trouted" in the Super 8 viral community on Like the trout, the term is used when a subject matter has been discussed before and is intended to be a gentle reminder that players should take the time to search for previous discussions on their subject before posting about it. "Getting the Coelacanth" is usually reserved for repeat offenders or very blatant disregard of the subjects that have been previously discussed.

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