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  • May 6th 2010, after analyzing the bootlegged teaser trailer, the words "scariest thing i ever saw" were found at the trailing end of the film reel, leading to the website.


On loading the website, the RemoteView interface begins booting.

May 7, 2010

Notes from console content below:

  • Version: RemoteView 2.7, ©Copyright CBCData 2002
  • Behind the console popup screen is another window, a prompt reading "Print all pages to default printer OK/Cancel". On clicking OK, the user can select an available printer, and a single page is printed with the text message from an unknown sender:
Stop posting publicly. I can answer your questions.
I have proof.

  • Bringing focus to the primary window and following prompts reveals this content:
PDP-11 Simulator
License 1130-A23R-12TR-2090
Copyright 1977, DAC, Acton, Mass.



D 56=5015

D 56=0
Secure File Structure
Continue Y/N?

Continue Y/N?
Continue Y/N?

CRSCT:  .BLKW   10.
MODN        .BLKW   1


Press any key to continue...

TU56 dual DECtape drive
System Now Loading External Data
[1] Previously accessed
[2] Previously accessed
[3] Accessing File List B4 - ###### of 134640 Bytes Loaded
Execute - E []   Commit To Tape Drive - C []    Print - P []

References to note:

  • PDP-11 - A series of 16-bit minicomputers from DEC [1]
  • "DAC" in Acton, MA
  • "D. Morris" and Feb 5, 1977 are referenced - The programmer of the PDP-11 Simulator?
  • "File List B4" is 134640 bytes, loading in segments, downloading at approximately 1 bytes every five seconds. Calculating backwards based on bytes remaining at any point, the "file list" should be fully downloaded around 11pm ET, May 13 2010.
  • STALOG: Study of the Automation of Logistic System [2]
  • TU56 dual DECtape Drive: "The tape is normally formatted with 1474 block of 129 12 bit words per block. Only 128 words are normally used in each block. This gives a capacity of 184K words per tape."[3]

Analyzing the source:

  • DEQNA.swf is the filename containing the terminal interface. DEQNA was an Ethernet adapter from DEC[4] used on the PDP-11[5]
Console boot screen

Console desktop

Console toolbar

Hidden printable message

Console text content

May 13, 2010

With the file completely downloaded, the RemoteView terminal continued to display the following text:

Sector 9909                             []
DD09 Extract                            []
CL03 Transmission                       []
CL05 Extract                            []
CL56 Token                              []

The terminal then prompts the user to re-connect

Session disconnected.
Connection timed out.
Please re-connect.

Once updates completed, the file load text changed. New options became available.

(Note: Instances of "AF-B4.01" initially appeared without the ".01", which was added with the June 1 update.)
Execute - .EXEC []  Commit To Tape Drive - .COMT []   Print - .PRINT []   Reenter - .REENTER

fd = open ("DEV1:", O_WRONLY);
status = ioctl (fd, FIODISKINIT, 0);

struct stat statStruct;

fd = open ("AF-B4.01", O_RDONLY);
status = ioctl (fd, FIOFSTATGET, &statStruct);

AF-B4.01 DIR

 Sorted by: type
 Volume ID: DD1
 Owner    : 

A5RSR  .BAS   11
A5RST  .BAS   15
RSCOM8 .DAT   13
A5RSR1 .WRK   5
CL03   .WRK   2
DD09   .WRK   2
GRMF55 .WRK   5
FATR7  .WRK   3
FATR8  .WRK   8
GMRF36 .TXT   5
GMRF71 .TXT   4

Execute - .EXEC []  Commit To Tape Drive - .COMT []   Print - .PRINT []   Reenter - .REENTER

  • The only working command:
produces two printable pages. Looking closely, there are two "X"s on each page. If page 1 is rotated 180° and the X's aligned, the darker highlighted regions also located on page 1 will align over specific words on page 2.
Rotated page 1 with highlighted markings
Page 2 with aligned X's and highlighted words
Original page 1
See May13-Newspaper

Original page 2
See May13-Newspaper
  • The highlighted words listed without punctuation are:
no certainty if a live may be after us we go underground
The phrase may be interpreted various ways, but it implies this general theme - "There is no certainty if [target] is alive. [Target] may be after us. We must go underground to hide from [target]."

  • The command:
leads to a new terminal prompt:
PDP-11 Simulator
License 1130-A23R-12TR-2090
MOUNT Continue Y/N? Y


  • All attempts to input something into the device field (i.e. DEV1 or AF-B4) return this result:
?IND-F-Invalid Request


June 1, 2010

  • A new folder appears under the "Print documents" window named "Braegen14". It contains a file called "expcnv.dat".
  • On trying to open the file "expcnv.dat", an error appears reading '"Required components not found. No supporting application".
  • On returning to the text console command prompt, the filename now appears in the file list
A5RSR  .BAS   11
A5RST  .BAS   15
RSCOM8 .DAT   13
A5RSR1 .WRK   5
CL03   .WRK   2
DD09   .WRK   2
GRMF55 .WRK   5
FATR7  .WRK   3
FATR8  .WRK   8
GMRF36 .TXT   5
GMRF71 .TXT   4

  • Entering:
then states "Seeking External drive:" and displays a prompt "Simulator seeking external source. Enter path:"
  • Entering the path "/desktop/Braegen14/expcnv.dat" directs the console EXEC command to the raw file for execution.
  • When executed, expcnv.dat is found to be audio data (MP3)
Spectrogram of the sound
Wave form of the sound
Frequency analysis
  • The tones are centered approximately around frequencies (hz): 550, 800, 550, 900, 500, 650, 650, 950
    The tones appear to be separated in increments of 50hz.
    As a pattern, with 500 being the lowest represented as 0, the tone pattern becomes 16180339 - a sequence familiar as the Golden Ratio.
The folder "braegen14" opened with "expcnv.dat" inside.
The error that appears on attempting to open "expcnv.dat".
When the user enters: ".EXEC EXPCNV"
Window appears: Seeking external device, after entering ".EXEC EXPCNV".

June 21, 2010

I think something may have reactivated. Need to make sure we're still alone.
Keep it hidden until further contact.

> See. I have the damn thing. What is it?
>> Stop posting publicly. I can answer your questions.
>> I have proof.
  • The photo contains a very dim reflection. When flipped and enhanced, a sold note can be read on the box, along with the zip code "25801", for West Virginia. On the box is a ladies' hat with a golden monkey pin broach.
  • A hat matching that on the box was found listed on Craigslist [1], also located in West Virgina.
New hidden printable message

Reflection flipped and enhanced
  • The AF-B4.01 directory command prompt now interprets keys 0, 1, and 2 as enter, Y, and N, respectively. This breaks the ability to enter certain commands. (This "feature" previously existed on every prompt prior to the May 13th update.)

July 28, 2010

  • The 21 June 2010 printable file was updated again.

New message on printout reads:

If you're who I think you are, it's about your father. I'll tell you more when I can, but you must take down those sale listings. Anything you found may be important.

> I've been quiet. PLEASE - what is this about??

  • After discovery of the new printout a check of the Craigslist Estate Sale items found they were no longer available.

September 9, 2010

  • The printable file was updated again.

New message on printout reads:

   They're looking in the wrong place. But I still found you easily. If you
   want to find your father we'll have to be more careful. I'm working on it.
   >Are you still there?? Hello??
   >> I don't know who you are but I'm getting really tired of these games.
   >> If you actually know anything, come out and say it. Otherwise, I'm
   >> not going to respond to your crypic messages.
   >>> Ok, I took everthing down. Who do you think I am? What do you know
   >>> about my father?

There is also a new folder on the desktop "Audio". It has an audio file "untitled.mp3" which is believed to be a conversation between two people possibly at a shop of some kind.

Rough transcription:

    Voice 1 "I'm sorry I didn't see you back there"
    Small dog barks.
    A mumble.
    Voice 2 "if we had any it'd be right there /(out here)"
    Voice 1 "blue cam lion on it, do you think there's any in back now" {emphasis on back)
             - during a little bell rings as a customer enters/leaves the store.
    Voice 2 "no"
    Voice 1 "Ok, sorry"
    Also throughout street noise and paper rustle.

Sept. 30, 2010: Chat Icon

  • Chat Icon appears on lower tool bar after clicking on the left hand arrow.

Oct. 14, 2010: 4D & 5O printout

  • New print out reads:
   "Meet me at 4D & 5O's last leg. Bring the foghorn and the unexpected title."
NOTE: 5O = The letter O, NOT the number Zero.
  • This is the clue for the password to the Chat, and also the time when the Chat will happen.
    • 4 Down & 5 Over on the October Calendar. "Last Leg" the latter of the two times.
    • Foghorn and the unexpected title: the answers can be found at
      • The foghorn refers to the Toadfish and the foghorn sound it makes.
      • The unexpected title refers to the August 21st Post on
      • The password for the chat is TOADFISH112

Oct. 21, 2010: Chat Icon Active

  • Clicking on the chat icon brings up a password prompt. Use the clues "Bring the foghorn and the unexpected title." from the Oct. 14 printout to solve the password: TOADFISH112.
  • Time of the chat was solved by the first part of the printout: Oct. 21, at 11:09PM Eastern Time. (Josh's time zone.)
Oct. 21 Chat Session


   ***chat session '2010-10-21' initiated***
   ***Host has joined***
   ***Guest1 has joined***
   Guest1: hello?
   Host: good. this is more secure
   Guest1: who are you?
   Host: i can help to find your father
   Host: he needs your help
   Guest1: that doesnt make sense
   Guest1: ive never met him
   Guest1: how do you know him?
   Host: I'm here to help you find your father
   Guest1: Is hein trouble or soemthing?
   Host: Those items you were asking abou: the oney your mother left you: some of them may
   have belonged to your father they may be important
   Guest1: important how?
   Host: tyell me exactly what they are
   Guest1: that scrap of film from the canister
   Guest1: a picture of some guys in front of a building, looks like a hangar?
   Guest1: and a metal cyilinder with three dots on it
   Host: Is there anything inside the cylinder?
   Guest1: no it's empty
   Guest1: why?
   Host: is that everything?
   Guest1: i think so
   Host: please look again. I believe he may have hidden something that will help us find him
   Host: i'll share more of what i have and maybe it will help you
   Guest1: i didn't understand what you sent before. this is crazy
   Host: please look now. i'll be back when it's safe
   Guest1: buthow will i know it if i find it?
   ***Host has left***
   ***Guest1 has left***
   ***chat session '2010-10-21' terminated***

Nov. 13, 2010: Badges Update

  • First appearance of the 3-Dots mentioned in the Oct. 21th chat.
  • ID RSOA01 belongs to Josh's Father, also Notice the word TROGL on RSOA01.dat.
RSOA01.dat, Josh's Father

Dec. 10, 2010: New Printout

Message reads:

Yes, this could be important. But you must stop using this account. Same protocol. 3D & 5O's last leg.

>OK I found something -- nothing in my mother's things but that badge reminded me -- >check this out!! I think some random book club sent it to me when I was a kid but it's >the same word, right??? Even the handwriting looks the same. What the hell does that >mean???
  • The photo is of an ad in "Classics Illustrated". Most likely Moby Dick.
  • The word TROGL is written at the top.
  • The word "binder" is circled.
  • The word "backbone" is partially crossed out.
  • 3D & 5O: Viewing the December calendar as a grid, start at the top and go 3 DOWN & 5 OVER, giving us Dec. 16th. Last leg is the later time: 8:03PM Eastern Time for the next chat. Password is expected to be the same: Toadfish112.
Dec. 10th printout
Binder Ad from Classics Illustrated

Dec. 16, 2010: Chat Session

New chat happened on Dec. 16th. (3Down and 5Over on the December calendar). Josh did not show up, but the Mystery Person sent him a message regardless.



   ***chat session '2010-12-16' initiated***
   ***Host has joined***
   Host: I need that book. I hope you haven't changed your mind.
   Host: I can still help you find your father.
   Host: I can't stay. In the good faith, I'll upload a picture. You told me you wanted to see him.
   Host: We were co-workers. A long time ago.
   Host: he trusted me.
   Host: when others didn't
   Host: he knew I understood what he went through
   Host: i'll be here next week. same protocol.
   ***Host has left***
   ***chat session '2010-12-16' terminated***

It also shows a new picture in the Desktop, which can be opened by the same password as the chatroom.

The uploaded file ScanAM13.jpg
  • The ID badge on his lab coat is RSOA01, the one with TROGL written on it.
  • The man who is Josh's father can be seen in the trailer for a split second yelling "GO!" Pause at 1:53 - 1:54 of trailer 2. His face is bloody and appears to be holding a gun

Dec. 23, 2010: Solo Chat, Where's Josh?

As indicated in the 12/16 chat, Mystery Person logged in one week later.

   ***chat session '2010-12-23' initiated***
   ***Host has joined***
   Host: I haven't received communication from you. Did something happen?
   Host: Please contact me when you get this. 
   ***Host has left***
   ***chat session '2010-12-23' terminated***

The printout was also updated:

Are you OK? Please contact me when you get this.

Jan. 27, 2011: Josh's House Is Broken Into

A new chat session appears on the site:

14:45:00 *** Host has joined ***
14:45:06 *** Guest1 has joined ***
14:45:10 <Guest1> hello?
14:45:16 <Host> What happened? Where were you?
14:45:24 <Guest1> someone broke into my house
14:45:28 <Guest1> was it you?
14:45:48 <Host> Don't be foolish. Did they take anything or see anything we've discussed
14:46:03 <Guest1> noI don't think so. I think I should call the police
14:46:21 <Host> this wasn't a robbery,calling the police will make things worse for you.
14:46:30 <Host> Whomever it was was looking for something.
14:46:35 <Guest1> they looked through my files.
14:46:53 <Guest1> I know they saw the cylinder and the other photos cause they were moved from where I kept them
14:47:03 <Guest1> don't think they saw the stuff on my computer, like the picture you sent me.
14:47:08 <Guest1> That was my dad, right?
14:47:18 <Host> what about the book? do you still have it?
14:47:21 <Guest1> No you answer me!
14:47:39 <Guest1> Someone just broke into my house and I want answers. What was that picture you sent me?
14:47:49 <Host> Your father was a Biospeleologist
14:48:04 <Host> He was plucked to work on a project of great importance.
14:48:14 <Guest1> For the government?
14:48:17 <Host> Yes.
14:48:22 <Guest1> What project?
14:48:34 <Host> You wouldn't believe me.
14:48:36 <Guest1> try me.
14:48:52 <Host> We found an important alternative energy source.
14:49:12 <Host> It involved foreign matter. But it got out of control.
14:49:18 <Guest1> Out of control how?
14:49:28 <Guest1> My dad kept something in that empty cylinder didn't he?
14:49:35 <Guest1> Is that what they were after?
14:49:43 <Host> you are quick. Like your father.
14:49:59 <Host> I told you: we found an important alternative energy source. He must have hid it.
14:50:09 <Host> do you still have the book?
14:50:11 <Guest1> yeah
14:50:21 <Host> upload the rest to me using the D12 entry.
14:50:28 <Host> I need that coding system.
14:50:40 <Guest1> am I in danger? Is my dad?
14:50:43 <Host> I don't know
14:50:57 <Host> I'm going to post something else I have been working on, something I’m getting shortly from this code.
14:51:02 <Host> See if it means anything to you.
14:51:14 <Host> We need to find what your father kept in the cylinder. If we find it, we find him.
14:51:26 <Guest1> I should shut down my blog, right?
14:51:44 <Host> No. Keep posting. Say you were robbe. Say you've involved the police. Lie. You need to act normal.
14:51:54 <Guest1> What if they come back?
14:52:01 <Host> I am not worried about that.
14:52:16 <Host> If they were who I fear is after your father, you wouldn’t still be around to speak to me
14:52:22 *** Host has left ***
14:52:32 *** Guest1 has left ***

January 28, 2011: New image - A Map


A new file appears in the Images folder.

  • A symbol and the letters FFSH can be read
  • The numbers 11.89 and 12.68 also appear
  • A hand drawn diagram of arches and squares
  • This pointed to a staircase and windows at the Fergus Falls State Hospital (FFSH)

Link to original staircase picture:

March 4, 2011: New image - A Letter


Once again, a new file appears in the Photos folder on STIES. The file is labeled FFSHCom.

    Hopefully this has fallen into the right
   hands. If you two are reading this, it
   means you've found each other.
   Wherever I am, I'm grateful to you both
   for your willingness to help and trust me.
   I wish I could be there to explain
   in person. Perhaps someday.
   It's been five days since we left the
   hospital. I'll try to leave as many
   breadcrumbs as I can. TROGL and the
   rest. Use them. As of now, the
   vitas relic is safe. Safer in some places
   than others but i'll have to rely
   on luck to keep it secure until
   absolutely necessary.


Truck with 3-Dots

From the set of 'Super8' in Weirton, WV.

On set in Weirton, WV

The person on the back of the truck is JJ Abrams.

GPS Coordinates & Bad Robot

When the "Classics Illustrated" photo that is posted with the Dec. 10th STIES update is extracted from the flash file the metadata associated with the .jpg file reveals GPS Coordinates: N 34 1.14 W 118 28.91 These are the coordinates for Bad Robot Productions in Santa Monica, CA. This is the first direct connection between an In-Game element and Bad Robot.


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  2. ? STALOG:
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  5. ? PDP-11 Simulator with DEQNA:
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