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May 13, 2010: Discovery

  • After the "File List B4" completed its countdown in the terminal, one file was printable: RSCOM8.DAT. When printed, it produced the following two pages:

July 15, 2010: Contact

  • Those who sent the completed maze to the address listed on the newspaper ad began receiving response mail saying that they'd been granted membership to the astronaut program. (see below)


  • When found, the website was not available, only displaying the following splash page:
  • The HTML source of the website included the line:
<div align="center"><img src="img/temp.gif" width="800" height="650" alt="Rocket Poppeteers" />
This line of code implies that the image used for the splash logo, named "temp.gif", means that the image may not stay long, and the site may be updated shortly.
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