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May 13, 2010: Discovery

  • After the "File List B4" completed its countdown in the terminal, one file was printable: RSCOM8.DAT. When printed, it produced the following two pages:

July 15, 2010: Contact

  • Those who sent the completed maze to the address listed on the newspaper ad began receiving response mail hinting at another puzzle or task, saying that only "the most brave, true, and loyal" candidates would succeed and be granted membership to the astronaut program.


  • When found, the website was not available, only displaying the following splash page:
May 13, 2010
July 13, 2010
  • The HTML source of the website included the line:
<div align="center"><img src="img/temp.gif" width="800" height="650" alt="Rocket Poppeteers" />
This line of code implies that the image used for the splash logo, named "temp.gif", means that the image may not stay long, and the site may be updated shortly.
  • On July 13th, the splash image was updated to include a ™ symbol.

July 23, 2010: Comic-Con

July 23, 2010
  • The splash page was updated to include a link to the newly-created Rocket Poppeteers Twitter account. Posts on the Twitter account announce that the Poppeteers Recruiting Truck will be at Comic-Con.

July 28, 2010: Active

July 23, 2010
  • The RocketPoppeteers website became active to allow people to register as a New Recruit or Candidate Verification. The Candidate Verification was for those who mailed off the coupon maze and received a postal response.
  • A unavailable link is also present on the main page after the loading screen, saying 'Fly the Rocket SSF1' it appears as 'Coming soon'.
July 29, 2010
  • A page was found with an animation of Gordon Cooper floating in space with with the RP logo and 'We are recruiting in Your town -Click Here-' behind him.
    • The page was soon removed and it is assumed it was an accidental page leak.

August 2nd, 2010: Fly the Rocket SSF1

  • Fly the Rocket SSF1 icon becomes active leading to the spaceship control panel.
  • Nine different messages from Poppeteers Mission Control. Plus the five flavor fleets.

September 27, 2010: Email and Survey

  • People who registered with received emails directing them to a survey.
    • Survey Questions.
1. Your favorite astronaut is Captain 'Coop' Cooper!
2. You coudl defeat an evil Kladrog all by yourself.
3. You know all the words to the Rocket Poppeteers Theme Song!
4. If you could, you'd eat hamburgers every day!
5. You finish homework quickly.
6. Your desk at school is very organized.
7. You believe that aliens live on other planets.
8. You prefer to sit close to a door in a room.
9. You prefer stories with happy endings.
10. You enjoy exploring the unknown.
11. Your favorite color is red.
12. You are often a hero in your dreams.
13. You are a super skilled rocket ship pilot. Just like Captain 'Coop' Cooper!
14. You would tell the teacher if you caught your brother cheating on a test!
15. You have things in common with other members of your class.
16. You sometimes can tell what your classmates are thinking.
17. You always leave room for dessert, especially Rocket Poppeteers Popsicles!
18. If you had two Rocket Poppeteers Popsiciles left, you would share one with a friend.
19. Being a Rocket Poppeteers Astronaut is the best job in the world!
20. You would win the race to outer space.
Written Portion:
In ten words or less, please complete the following two sentences:
If I were a Rocket Poppeteers Astronaut, My first mission would be. . .
If I had a lifetime supply of rocket poppeteers popsicles, I would. . .

December 21, 2010: Mailed Certificate

Those that registered with started receiving certificates in the mail.

February 2, 2011: Relaunches

On February 2nd, the Rocket Poppeteers website relaunches to allow users access to a few new features. Along with this relaunch is a change in the browsers able to access the site. Now only Google Chrome and Safari are able to run the site.

  • There are three scrolling links on the front page. Re-launches!

Great news, kids - has re-launched! zooms in Chrome or Safari on both PCs and Macs. For those Astronauts and recruits using Internet Explorer on PC, there is a plug-in to improve your Rocket Poppeteers online experience!

Notice Regarding New Recruits

Captain Cooper salutes all new Astronaut Training Program recruits! Are you ready to make your fleet proud and defend outer space from Red Cozmo and all enemies of freedom?

Be sure to protect your Astronaut Name and Identification Code, and keep your eyes peeled for further instructions from Poppeteers Mission Control!

And don't forget, The Astronaut Training Program is still accepting new recruits!

News Alert - Depot on its way!

Get ready to suit up! The Rocket Poppeteers Depot will be open soon!

  • When flying the Rocket FFS1, we can now access the Freezer.

February 14. 2011: Second Wave of Surveys

For those who missed out on the first round of Rocket Poppeteer survey and assignment, a second wave of surveys were sent out. PDF files of the original certificates were also sent out to those that already received theirs in the mail.

March 4, 2011: Rocket Poppeteers Legacy Opens

The Rocket Poppeteers Legacy section of the site is now available. Each Section of the legacy is accompanied by a drawing. Details to follow:

The Home Page of the Rocket Poppeteers Legacy Displays that Rocket Poppeteers are distributed from Minot North Dakota. The Same City was associated with the PO Box found earlier.

Page 1 of the Rocket Poppeteers Legacy

The magic of Rocket Poppeteers began in Minot, ND on one chilly Tuesday in 1958 with the husband and wife team of Ralph and Ruby Frostsky. Ralph, an ex-Air Force pilot, and Ruby, a confectioner originally from Cooper Landing, Alaska, wanted to give back to their hard-working loyal community. Using Ruby's confectionery skills, Ralph decided to give the children of Minot something so delicious they would feel like they were "flying to the moon!" That spring, the Frostskys distributed homemade ice pops out of their garage to local area patriots. Their flavor-filled delights were an instant sensation and, in early 1959, the Frostskys decided to expand.

Page 2 of the Rocket Poppeteers Legacy

The Frostskys migrated their business to a local Minot factory, producing more ice pop varieties and the prototype for their now-classic Rocket Poppeteers ice pops. With the birth of their song, Donald, the Frostskys were inspired to take the brand to new heights. The introduction of Captain "Coop" Cooper and his battle against Red Cozmo helped launch Rocket Poppeteers' sales into the stratosphere. The Frostskys had finally realized their American dream. Rocket Poppeteers' sales continued to skyrocket over the next two decades, as Ralph supplied his heroic Air Force friends with the frozen treats necessary to win a Cold War, and as Ruby and Donald restructured production to maximize efficiency, fun and deliciousness.

Page 3 of the Rocket Poppeteers Legacy

Did you know that Donald Frostsky's favorite flavor is Cherry Brain Blast? What's your favorite flavor? Obviously Brain Blast Fleet is the best!

Page 4 of the Rocket Poppeteers Legacy

In the spring of 1980, after an unfortunate incident at the factory, the Frostskys decided to close the doors of Rocket Poppeteers and focus on raising their family. The factories were all shuttered, machines intact, and the business quietly slipped from the public eye. However, observant children knew that the threat of Red Cozmo was far from over and Captain "Coop" Cooper may need them again one day.

Page 5 of the Rocket Poppeteers Legacy

If the Frostky's Minot factory can make 11,400 Rocket Poppeteers ice pops per hour, how many ice pops can they make per minute? Per day? Per year?

Answers: Credit Slusho Addict @

Per Minute- 190

Per Day- 273,600

Per Year- 99,864,000

Page 6 of the Rocket Poppeteers Legacy

In 2010, Rocket Poppeteers welcomed a highly unexpected resurgence of interest from loyal cadets far and wide and reactivated its factories with a mission to inspire a new generation of children. Introducing a brand new patriotic flavor to its beloved Super Speedflier Fleet, Rocket Poppeteers quickly assumed its former glory as a champion in the in the industry. Today, Rocket Poppeteers has factories in six states, all over 200 mobile trucks operating around the country. Rocket Poppeteers is proud to remain a mom and "pop" owned and operated business to this day, currently under the caring and watchful eye of Donald Frostsky.

March 23, 2011: Fleet Assessment #1

For all registered Rocket Poppeteers, this email with a link to a survey showed up in their inbox towards the end of March.

Do your Fleet proud!
Answer these questions successfully to add points to you and your Fleet’s total
and improve your chances of earning the designation: Rocket Poppeteers Astronaut!
Fleets with high scores earn extra responsibility within the Poppeteers family.
You may even receive special recognition from Captain Cooper himself!

Questions seem to relate to the various trailers and information known about the film and ARG up to this point.


On set in Weirton, WV

From 'Super8' film set.

NYCC Poster

Rocket Poppeteers poster from NYCC.
Close-up of text portion.
  • Handed out by Diamond comics at NYCC 2010.
  • Text from poster
   With Red Cozmo free and an unknown danger threatening outer space, Coop and the Flavor Fleets 
   face their most exciting battle yet! If you liked the Rocket Poppeteers Radio Hour, you'll 
   love this brand new Captain "Coop" Cooper adventure!
   Be the first in your neighborhood to collect all three! Available this winter!
  • This poster is not yet confirmed as legitimate, MAY still prove to be a fake.
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