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Story so far

This is a timeline of events that are known to have happened "in-game". (please provide reference to where/when the event was discovered or referred, and who made the quote if applicable)


February, 2010

Feb 4: Josh starts Coaelacanth Journal - Rants about ol' Moby Dick

Feb->April: Assorted attempts to track down Coalacanth. Pseudonym = "Mr. Cartwright"

April, 2010

April 15:

May not be able to post for a while

April 15: Family matters (Related to mother Evelyn Minker?)

April 15 - May 2: Inherits "Junk"

April 16: Evelyn's Funeral, announced with the card on the bulletin board in photos from the Craigslist Estate Sale

May, 2010

May 2:

So much for selling old collectibles

May 6: Josh Posts on AboveTopSecret forum

Hey - new to this site. Does anyone know the best way to authenticate something? Like old papers, photos, footage, etc? Are there experts for conspiracy related verifications? Would appreciate the help!

May 6: Printout on PDP-11 (Reply)

Stop Posting Publicly. I can answer your questions.
I have proof

May 9: Contacted RE: Coelacanth in Boston proposal. Josh raises funds

May 13: Paper Advert from (JFK era) year containing a message

no certainty if alive may be after us we go underground

May 18: "Sorry for the delay in posting. Something personal came up on my end and this site has proved a beast to deal with from my work computer."

Is it the PDP-11 as previously speculated. Who still uses that????

May 26: Problems posting, transfers to new site

June, 2010

June 2: Golden Ratio Audio File

June 6: Josh registers on

June 7: Journal update - Boston fisherman cancels due to arrest -Coelacanth search resumes

June 10: established LAST POST

June 22: PDP-11 Printout new reply (Josh?)

See. I have the damn thing. What is it?
Includes photo. "It" is referring to film footage or partial photo on wall. Image includes mirror/reflection to left showing Craigslist Estate Sale pillbox hat.

(Unknown date)

I think something may have reactivated. Need to make sure we're still alone. Keep it hidden until further contact.

July, 2010


  • Thanks to multipsychoapopheniosis at unfiction for starting the list
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