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Cut Out Found In Printed Page

Has anyone bothered mailing the cut-out to the address?--Mabiniss1 05:40, 18 May 2010 (UTC)

Several people have. Nhjm449 06:21, 19 May 2010 (UTC)
Alternate meaning to message?

The highlighted words listed without punctuation are:

  • no certainty if a live may be after us we go underground

However, if one also considers the "X"s to be indicating the nearest word, the fragment could be altered to read as:

  • no certainty if any a live may be after us we go looking underground

This new phrase provides a noticeably different outlook - "There is no certainty if any [passengers] is alive. [Target(s)] may be after us. We [will] go looking underground [for surviving passengers/target(s)]." --JSR694

Been doin some research.....and interesting stuff is comin up

At the beginning of the super 8 trailer it says something was moved to a base in ohio.... Doin some research I found alot of interesting things leading to a "Wright Patterson Air Force Base". Alot of articles and conspiracy theorist state that WPAFB is supposedly where the governments secrets of area 51 were shipped to AFTER area 51 became popularized by the media, and is thought to have an EXTENSIVE UNDERGROUND SYSTEM.... the trail might point to clues with this base....

  • re: "D. Morris" and Feb 5, 1977 are referenced - The programmer of the PDP-11 Simulator?

Dan Morris is a retired Air Force career Master Sergeant who was involved in the extraterrestrial projects for many years. After leaving the Air Force, he was recruited into the super-secret National Reconnaissance Organization, or NRO, during which time he worked specifically on extraterrestrial-connected operations. He had a cosmic top-secret clearance (38 levels above top secret) which, he states, no U.S. president, to his knowledge, has ever held. In his testimony, he talks of assassinations committed by the NSA; he tells how our military deliberately caused the 1947 ET craft crashes near Roswell, and captured one of the ETs, which they kept at Los Alamos for 3 years, until he died. He talks about the intelligence teams that were charged with intimidating, discrediting, and even eliminating witnesses to ET/UFO events. He talks about Germany’s re-engineering of UFOs, even prior to WWII. He talks about our current energy crisis — and the fact that we haven’t needed fossil fuels since the 1940s, when free energy technologies were developed — but have been kept from humanity. This is the real reason for the secrecy of the ET/UFO subject. "What the people in power right now don’t want us to know is that this free energy is available to everybody." In conclusion, he warns against the weaponization of space and the shooting down of ET craft — this could force them to retaliate, and that would be our destruction.

also makes sense because the PDP-11 terminal references the STALOG AF (Air Force Logistics) and the 2 files we have access to are in the AF-B4.01 directory (Air Force)


Could this be a possibilty?!_signal's about a signal (WOW) detected by Dr. Jerry R. Ehman from SETI in 1977. the year matches, but it was detected in august not in feburary.

Possible tone patterns
  • Alternatively, the tones can be interpreted as musical notes: C#, F#, C#, G#, C, D#, D#, A# (though the pitch bend of the last tone could indicate an A instead). This way, if each semitone represents a number starting with C being 0 and going upwards, the pattern becomes 16180339 (or 16180338). This number correlates to the first eight digits of the Golden Ratio: 1.6180339... --Osh
    • The only problem is that the difference of tone frequencies in the sound doesn't match the pattern 16180339. It's similar in shape, yes, but based on the actual frequency spacing, it's not. Not that either interpretation is correct, either :P we still have no idea what it means or even how to check at this point. --Thebruce 10:09, 4 June 2010 (UTC)
    • Having just re-run some analyses on the frequencies, it looks like the pattern is almost identical to the golden ratio sequence. I'm not sold on musical notation specifically, but I do think now that the golden ratio is significant. Updated the info --Thebruce 17:48, 4 June 2010 (UTC)
      Ongoing discussion at unfiction, btw

Telephone Numbers, Craig's List Findings, Josh Minker Etc

Guys, something that I've found is that Josh Minker's Facebook page has a new phone number listed. The number listed on the Craig's List add was 1.800.708.2151 but the number on his Facebook is 304.708.2151 I don't think this is coincidence. When I called the number it says that it is no longer in service. However, upon doing a 411 check on the number, it is located in Mount Morris, WV. This definitely has a connection with everything else going on here. Just thought I would throw this in so that others can investigate further! Hope this helps!

Update on this: There are 3...yes 3...Josh Minker's on FB. They all relate to each other and are saying they do not condone anything with Super8 but all have propaganda of it on their FB's. There are links to YouTube pages/videos on one's site, one that's all about Coelacanth and one that is trying to say the Minkers have nothing to do with each other nor Super 8...This is all very suspicious and worthy of being looked into, thus links are provided.

Minker #1:!/profile.php?id=100001250455841&v=wall Minker #2:!/profile.php?id=100001346343197&v=wall Minker #3:!/profile.php?id=100001323663374&v=wall

Also, the YouTube links are found in the Info of Minker #2's FB.

Link #1: Link #2: - "I love you Mom" uploaded by hooklineandminker. Seems to be in an underground jail/cell block. The person seems scared and seems to be looking for something. I'm sure there is much more to this for those that are able to delve further.

Another round of updating, sorry for those keeping up.!/pages/Groom-lake/121360957886218 <-- this Facebook was found through Minker #2 as well. His employer is listed at Groom Lake...which happens to deal with Area 51. Good luck finding more information on this one guys.

Idea of the monster.

After a little research i noticed this Coelacanth thing in one of the josh minker FB page , that is a prehistoric sea animal , very rare. maybe this monster is a mutation produced by area 51 scientist of this fish , it may have to do with aliens too , but i don't know , it is only a theory. link:

my mail is my facebook:

Chat log

In case anyone's interested in seeing log.php in a more-prettier format, I've made the following: nhjm449 08:06, 24 March 2011 (UTC)

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