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The Creature of Super 8

The creature could quite possibly be a cave monster, rather than an alien. It is claimed in the online conversation between the Mysterious Man and Josh, that Josh' dad was a biospeleologist-a cave zoologist. What would the government need a scientist who studies cave animals for a study on an alternative energy source? And the continued reference to the word "TROGL" within the viral marketing refers also to caves-trogl is the greek root word for cave e.g. troglodye is a caveman.

Though just speculation, I believe that in the film, the government was searching caves for the material referred to as "the cube", which seems to float and move independently in the viral "lost" clips, and disturbed the cave creature-much like in Cloverfield, when Slusho was searching for their ingredient and disturbed Clover.

Also speculation, Super 8's Editing Room, where all unlocked "lost" clips can be watched in order, clip 77 and 79 feature a shrivelled, dark object, being carried by the black scientist featured in other viral photos. It appears to be dead or unconscious. Whilst possibly too small to cause the damage to the train seen in the trailer, or emit such a roar in the Portal 2 teaser level, it could be a baby or young creature. Here is a link to:

1)Clip 77-

2)The Super 8 official Editing Room-

El Onca

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