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Characters and Organizations




  • CBCData (Creator of RemoteView, mentioned when loading the console)
  • DAC Acton, Mass - (Creators of the pdp-11 simulator, mentioned during the boot sequence of the simulator)
  • United States Air Force - All current clues point to USAF involvement in the game.
  • Poppeteers - Makers of Rocket Poppeteers.


  • Area 51 (mentioned in the Super 8 Teaser Trailer)
  • Hangar 18 - A secure hangar at Wright-Patterson AFb in Dayton, OH, thought to be the destination of the train seen in the teaser.
  • Beckley, WV - City which belongs to zip code 25801, found written on the side of a box after the June 21st update of Presumably the present day location of Josh Minker.
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