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Rare Fish Gallery



The file gallery.swf is a flash-based photo slider that contains images of a variety of rare fish. Each image in the slider has a description of the fish and a link to the photo source.

Gallery configuration file

Decompiling the Flash file[1] reveals that it acquires information about what pictures/information to display from http://www.hooklineandminker.com/config.xml?nocache=x, where "x" is a number between 0 and 100000000 randomly selected by the Flash client. (The inclusion of the "nocache" parameter within the URL is used to make sure that the XML file is never loaded from the browser's cache. This is a common technique and should not be interpreted as being significant.)

Gallery information


Fish images and descriptions

Snakehead fish
File:snakehead.jpg Title: SNAKEHEAD FISH
File: http://www.hooklineandminker.com/images/snakehead.jpg
Description: When food is scarce they are known to venture out of the water in search of prey.
Credit: photo credit: Stephen Messenger
Red Lion Fish
File:redlion.jpg Title: RED LION FISH
File: http://www.hooklineandminker.com/images/redlion.jpg
Description: Every spine of the lionfish is venomous, and their venom is extremely painful.
Credit: photo credit: Lala live2
Angler Fish
File:anglerfish.jpg Title: ANGLER FISH
File: http://www.hooklineandminker.com/images/anglerfish.jpg
Description: This fish has a special lighted fin that acts as a 'fishing rod' to lure in prey to get eaten.
Credit: photo credit: Bruce Robison, National Geographic
Fangtooth Fish
File:fangtooth.jpg Title: FANGTOOTH FISH
File: http://www.hooklineandminker.com/images/fangtooth.jpg
Description: The fangtooth has the largest teeth in proportion to its body size of any other ocean fish.
Credit: photo credit: photo credit: Phil Livelsberger
File:coffinfish.jpg Title: COFFINFISH
File: http://www.hooklineandminker.com/images/coffinfish.jpg
Description: The coolest thing about the coffinfish is the fact that they walk along the ocean floor.
Credit: photo credit: Words Without
File:frogfish.jpg Title: FROGFISH
File: http://www.hooklineandminker.com/images/frogfish.jpg
Description: This is one sly fish they use mimicry and camouflage to either hide from predators or look like a potential meal for their prey.
Credit: photo credit: FPTravels
File:toadfish.jpg Title: TOADFISH
File: http://www.hooklineandminker.com/images/toadfish.jpg
Description: The Oyster toadfish has a distinctive "foghorn" sound that is used to attract females in the mating season.
Credit: photo credit: Clay Coleman
  • The clue "Bring the Foghorn and the unexpected title." refers to this fish and the foghorn sound it makes.
File:viperfish.jpg Title: VIPERFISH
File: http://www.hooklineandminker.com/images/viperfish.jpg
Description: These guys have sharp fangs and large mouths so there's no need to chase food, they can just catch it.
Credit: photo credit: Widder/HBOI
Bobbit Worm
File:bobbitworm.jpg Title: BOBBIT WORM
File: http://www.hooklineandminker.com/images/bobbitworm.jpg
Description: The Bobbit worms sharp teeth and speed can sometimes cut it’s prey in half. It grows up to 9.8 ft.,the length of an Anaconda.
Credit: photo credit: Max Gibbs
Giant Sturgeon
File:sturgeon.jpg Title: GIANT STURGEON
File: http://www.hooklineandminker.com/images/sturgeon.jpg
Description: The Sturgeon is the largest fresh water fish, it’s been known to weigh up to 4,400 lbs.
Credit: photo credit: Three Gorges Probe
Oar Fish
File:oarfish.jpg Title: OAR FISH
File: http://www.hooklineandminker.com/images/oarfish.jpg
Description: These fish can grow up to 50 ft. long and are often mistaken for sea monsters.
Credit: photo credit: Alan Thompson
File:lamprey.jpg Title: LAMPREY
File: http://www.hooklineandminker.com/images/lamprey.jpg
Description: The Lamprey is sort of like a vampire but with a lot more teeth. It’s equipped with a mouth shaped like a funnel and sucks the blood of other fish.
Credit: photo credit: Steve Davies
Portugese Man-of-War
File:manofwar.jpg Title: PORTUGESE MAN-OF-WAR
File: http://www.hooklineandminker.com/images/manofwar.jpg
Description: These sea creatures are infamous for their very painful, powerful sting.
Credit: photo credit: Adam Laverty
File:wolffish.jpg Title: WOLFFISH
File: http://www.hooklineandminker.com/images/wolffish.jpg
Description: Also known as the Seawolf, has tons of teeth, up to six fang-like teeth in front, rows of crushing teeth in back and don't forget the throat which is scattered with serrated teeth!
Credit: photo credit: Florin Nedelcu
File:stonefish.jpg Title: STONEFISH
File: http://www.hooklineandminker.com/images/stonefish.jpg
Description: The body is equipped with venom glands that produce the most deadly fish venom, it can kill any human unlucky enough to tread on the spines.
Credit: photo credit: SeanMack
Crown-of-Thorns Starfish
File:starfish.jpg Title: CROWN-OF-THORNS STARFISH
File: http://www.hooklineandminker.com/images/starfish.jpg
Description: This is the most dangerous species in the coral reef Eco-System, if it does not kill you, you will have a bad case of nausea and vomiting.
Credit: photo credit: Jon Hanson
Barreleye Fish
File:barreleye.jpg Title: BARRELEYE FISH
File: http://www.hooklineandminker.com/images/barreleye.jpg
Description: The barreleye has a see-through head and tunnel vision.
Credit: photo credit: 2004 MBARI


  1. ? Thanks to AzureWolf for decompiling the Flash and explaining "nocache".
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