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Josh's supervisor at work. First mentioned in his blog on July 7th:

   "I think we get a new supervisor today. Maybe he or she is a fish lover!"

Next mentioned on August 4th:

   "New supervisor is great, though – nice to finally have some sanity in the office."

Finally mentioned by name on August 21st (post #112) in his "drunk" post:

   "Well, that wa unexpected. The whole office went out for drinks tonight, thanks to Sarah. 
   She’s the new supe."


  • Current speculation is that Josh is developing feeling for Sarah based on his October 20th post:
   "OK, some of you have rightfully been on me about my August post. I’m a little embarrassed 
   about it, it’s slightly out-of-character for me. But glad to know no one is judging, right? 
   Well, what can I say, it happens. Especially when you think you may be at the start of 
   something great. At least, here’s hoping I’m not the only one that feels that way!"

~Emphasis added

   "And thanks to a certain someone for being so patient through all this. I promise I won’t 
   let it (majorly) interfere with our Thanksgiving plans. I promised a tasty, home cooked 
   meal and I will deliver."

Recent Developments

Sarah is now believed to be the admin on a conspiracy theory blog called After Josh's blog gets hacked into, we're left with a a series of letters and numbers that may lead to the explanation behind the intrusion on Hook Line & Minker. When one types in explanation at the end of the URL for, the reader is prompted to enter in the password which turns out to be the random numbers and letters from HLM. The discussion on this page is what is believed to be a conversation between Josh and Sarah.

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