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Timeline of Events

It begins

May 6

Bootlegged Super-8 teaser trailers are uploaded to Youtube (link)

Whether it's "official" or not isn't known, however various teaser trailer bootlegs shown before Iron Man 2 have been uploaded to Youtube since May 6

Film reel at end of teaser leads to Scariestthingieversaw.com (link)

After screen-capturing the frames showing a standard trailing end of a film roll, the words: "scariest thing I ever saw" were discovered, leading to the first viral website.
This website displays a desktop with a hidden printable message, and a text interface which eventually leads the user to a countdown in the form of a file being downloaded very slowly (about 1 byte every 5 seconds). The full file is estimated to complete its download by 11pm Eastern, May 13th.

May 7

Scariestthingieversaw.com glitches cause minor confusion about countdown end date

The initial method of performing the 'countdown' file loading progress in bytes found on Scariestthingieversaw.com's PDP-11 Simulator resulted in varying results for different users. An update was made to the website to have the browser perform periodic server syncs in an attempt to keep everyone's countdown status as accurate and synchronized as possible. After analyzing this update, the server sync request was found to contact the file 'time.php' with a local timestamp, and returning the server timestamp from which the countdown status can be calculated for display in the browser. The result is confirmed as Thursday May 13, 8pm Pacific (11pm Eastern).

May 11

The teaser is made available online in HD, at Apple.com

May 13

The counter on the website Scariestthingieversaw.com ends and reveals a newspaper page with an ad that leads to another website named Rocketpoppeteers.com (link).

June 1

A new file "Braegen14" appears on the Scariestthingieversaw.com desktop

June 21

The printable message on Scariestthingieversaw.com is updated to include an extended conversation containing a picture.

July 15

Individuals who mailed in the Rocket Poppeteers coupon from the newspaper discovered May 13th began receiving mailed responses.

The response letter welcomes you to the Rocket Poppeteers Astronaut Program, and provides an additional task, or puzzle, to become a certified astronaut.
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