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Super 8

Welcome to the viral campaign community wiki! This site is a reference intended to track all the information about the viral promo for the Spielberg-produced, Abrams-directed, Area-51 film Super 8, currently slated for release June 10, 2011.

Calling all wiki-folk! This wiki would love to have more hands helping update it with information, pictures, and more, especially where pages are empty or incomplete. Feel free to make an account and help out!

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The nutshell

The latest...

  • Dec. 3rd Josh updates his blog. Over the Dec. 4th-6th weekend the site goes down due to web hosting server issues.
  • Dec. 6th the site is back up, Josh updates simply addressing the web-hosting issues.
  • Dec. 10th STIES is updated with a new printout. Josh shows a picture of an old Moby Dick Classics Illustrated with the word TROGL handwritten on it. The Mystery Person states "3D & 5O last leg". A chat is expected on Dec. 16th.
  • Dec. 16th New chat happens at STIES. Josh does not show up, Mystery Person wants the Moby Dick book and uploads a picture of Josh's Father.
  • Dec. 21st Rocket Poppeteers Certificates start to arrive in the mail for anyone who registered with RP.com. Individuals are assigned to one of four fleets. There is a case-sensitive alpha-numeric code as well, it is currently (12/28) unknown where to enter this code, or when RP.com will be updated.
  • Dec. 23rd Scariestthingieversaw.com is updated with a solo-chat by Mystery Person asking "Did something happen?" and the printout has a simple one line update asking Josh to contact Mystery Person ASAP.

From the beginning...

On May 7, with the premiere of Iron Man 2, a teaser trailer for Super 8 was revealed, then quickly bootlegged online. On analyzing the final few seconds, the phrase "scariest thing I ever saw" was found, leading to Scariestthingieversaw.com. The site is a terminal into a machine with a mysterious print-out, and an 80's era text interface indicating a file is being downloaded - estimated to complete on May 13th at 9pm PT. (JJ Abrams also confirms that Super 8 is not Cloverfield 2)
The teaser is made available online in HD on May 11 at Apple.com

On May 13, the countdown on Scariestthingieversaw.com ended at 11:00pm EDT. Shortly afterward, a new menu became available. Inputting one of the commands from the menu led to a new puzzle and a new in game website.

On June 1, a new file braegen14 appeared on the Scariestthingieversaw.com desktop, leading to an audio clip containing a number of tones.

On June 21, the mysterious print-out on Scariestthingieversaw.com was updated to include an extended conversation containing a picture. The picture contains a reflected image of a sold item, leading to an estate sale in WV. The ads' photos contain portions of a phone number. On calling it, we find Josh Minker and the late Evelyn Minker, and are led to Hooklineandminker.com.

On July 15, individuals who mailed in the Rocket Poppeteers completed maze and coupon from the May 13 newspaper began receiving responses in the mail.

On July 23, the twitter RocketPoppeteer became active, posting pictures from a traveling Poppeteers recruiting truck at the San Diego Comic-Con. People who show RP letters get a 'special surprise'. The special surprise may have been limited to a Rocket Poppeteers hat or shirt.

On July 28, Rocketpoppeteers.com became active allowing new recruits and established candidates to register or confirm their registration, respectively. Hooklineandminker.com and Scariestthingieversaw.com were also updated; the latter's update stating that the mysterious contact's intentions deal with Josh's father (as of yet unnamed). Josh was told to immediately take down the listings due to their importance. All listings have been removed and the phone number no longer works.

In August:
On August 2nd Rocketpoppeteers.com fly the Rocket SSF1 icon becomes active leading to the spaceship control panel. Nine different messages from Poppeteers Mission Control. Plus the five flavor fleets.
August 4th.
August 21st. This post is used as a clue for the password to the chat session.

In September:

In October:
  • On Oct. 14th Scariestthingieversaw.com updated the printable chat log. "Meet me at 4D & 5O's last leg. Bring the foghorn and the unexpected title."
  • On Oct. 20th Josh updated his Hooklineandminker.com blog.
  • On Oct. 21st the chat icon at Scariestthingieversaw.com becomes active, requesting a password. Used Oct. 14th STIES update to determine password and time/date of chat session: Oct. 21st at 11:09PM Eastern Time. (Josh's timezone.)

  • On Nov. 13th the PDP-11 terminal at Scariestthingieversaw.com was updated with new .DAT files, which included 4 ID badges. All badges have 3-Dots on them. One of them has the word TROGL handwritten on it.
  • On Nov. 23rd Josh updated his Hooklineandminker.com blog. He mentions that he will have a COELACANTH delivered early December and provide photos and regular updates.

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